3D Printing Best Practices Poster

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3D Printing Best Practices Poster

Print this 24×36 poster to reference best practices for screw bosses, snap fits, living hinges and post-processing finishes. 3D print the provided STL files as noted and attach the examples to the poster.

3D Printing Fundamentals Poster

Print this 24×36 poster to reference 3D printing fundamentals including precision, feature thickness, material properties and core density. 3D print the provided STL files and attach the examples to the poster.

Assemblies, Best Practice

Get best practices on using FDM technology to build complete assemblies, which give designers greater design freedom and eliminates the time required to assemble separate parts.

Alternate Support Methods for Build Optimization

Explore alternate support methods to optimize performance as a project moves from prototype application to direct digital manufacturing.


Students design, construct and assemble a glider made of 3D printed materials and parts that must fit on one build tray.

Will it Print?

Help students determine if a design is a good option for 3D printing and reduce the number of printing and prototyping failures with this step-by-step checklist created by Joran Booth at Purdue University.


Students learn how to digitally sculpt and 3D print a character with distinctive features.

Gear Systems

Students explore gear systems in 2D and 3D models while learning about speed, force, motion, tolerance and layer thickness.

Computer Mouse

Students create and refine concept designs and 3D print a wireless computer mouse.

Chess Set

Students learn the steps of a successful design process, from scaled sketches to the final 3D printed chess set.

Meet the F123 Series

The ultimate, all-in-one rapid prototyping system for education

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Stratasys F123 Brochure For Education

Get all-in-one power for all-new possibilities.

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3D Learning Content

Tools for integrating 3D printing in your classroom

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